Adjusting visual settings has no effect in Enscape

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  • I'm sure there's a setting I just don't have turned on, but no matter which options I change (change render mode to white, increase outlines, adjust exposure) nothing changes in the realtime rendering window. The only thing I can adjust are the sun angle and time of day. Any ideas what's causing this? My live updates are on.

  • No, I hadn't been. Since posting, my revit has restarted (crashed) and visual settings are now working again. It might have been because I was running rhino inside revit. I noticed the rhino file had its own enscape options. I didn't open enscape in rhino but maybe that was interfering. Might need to test it.

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    Aaron King , feel free to troubleshoot this further because we have not received any reports so far, not that I'm aware of when it comes to visual settings adjustments having no effect at all. This does indeed sound like something is interfering.

  • Demian Gutberlet The problem seems to be sequence of operations.

    If you 1. open revit (having no other revit files open), 2. launch enscape, then 3. launch rhino inside revit, there's no problem.

    If you instead 1. open revit, 2. launch rhino inside, 3. launch enscape, then that effectively disables visual settings options in revit. Attached is a screenshot sort of showing this. Those enscape settings circled in the rhino window are disabled.

  • Hi, I was experiencing the exact same thing. Changing settings had no effect, and the screenshot and exe-standalone buttons where greyed out.

    I was indeed running Rhino.Inside before launching Enscape. Then Revit crashed when I tried to alter some materials.

    Launching Enscape first seems fine:

    Launching Enscape after starting Rhino.Inside and the following buttons are disabled:

    Because I'm currently creating a lot of objects in Revit using RiR and want to have quick feedback on their look in Enscape as well as save som snapshots its a little bit time consuming to restart Revit everytime i want to launch Enscape, as there is no way to close RiR once opened without restaring Revit.

    It would be great if you could find some way to fix this issue.