WEB Standalone Export (Rhino) - Crashes on Export

  • Hello everyone!

    My problem is this:

    I´m trying to make a WEB Standalone export at the lowest render quality and my Enscape crashes everytime! I don´t know why or what I could do, I have all drivers updated and I have an GTX 1050, not the best GPU but not the worst...so I don´t know what the problem is!

    I´ve been doing my research and it seams like I´m the only one with this problem so that´s why i´m here.

    Hope I can receive some help!

  • I'm sorry to hear about that - please kindly send in a feedback report then:

    For context, you can simply include the link to this thread in the submission form before sending us the report.

    Thank you in advance, that will be very helpful for troubleshooting the cause behind this.