Complex video animation for Enscape

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  • It looks great !

    But I doubt Enscape would ever be capable of that.

    This is probably done with a video editting soft like Adobe's After Effect :)

    I doubt its video editing software. I'm quite familiar with that software, and I don't see how I can do that with Adobe AE.
    Lumion is possible, but it would take forever to make a animation like this. I really think there is some special software for it.

  • My money's on 3DSMax, or similar (Cinema4D, etc) over a post-production workflow application like AE, as it's dealing with model entities directly - where paths & transforms are assigned - either manually, or more efficiently, by script.

    You can achieve similar, albeit not to the same visual quality, using "coordination software" like Navisworks and Synchro - w/ the former being weaker certainly generally.

  • The "cut away" animation is an effect that can be done in SU just now; changing between different sections. Currently Enscape does show cutting planes and can take them from a scene into the Enscape render, but I have not tried switching between them yet. (There is a limit currently that Enscape does not support cutting planes within wrappers - which would be needed to generate multiple directions of cut planes on different elements as is shown in this clip.)

    SU also has interactive objects; it's simple to set components to 'drop from the sky' with a click - this currently works 'live' in Enscape the same way as moving geometry: it fades out the old position and fades in the new (no animation between the two).

    First impressions of the video are that it is cool, but it is not interactive; it is a two dimensional, one-off presentation that all you can do with it is watch it again and pause it. Enscape would benefit in cooler transitions between saved scenes, but in an interactive presentation you spend a fraction of your time moving between scenes and most of the time within the scenes themselves. And while Enscape can produce fabulous mementos of an experience with the model, I think that the focus of the software should be on the experience it's self.

  • Found this on the internet. Can't figure out what software is used for it.
    Hope that someone can help me with that, because this is what I really want to show my clients !!!

    Maybe Enscape can offer this too in the future ? 8o

    My money is on Max or C4D, used to do a lot of stuff like that in a previous job, the animation section of C4D is very good at doing that sort of thing. Used to do full character animation in C4D via poser, as well as architectural renderings. I am enjoying Enscape as a quick presentation tool but I wish it had some of the subtleties of a full blown render package, more control over lighting and the render engine, physical cameras, better texture control etc.