License in use

  • Hi Enscape Team,

    With new Enscape update (currently running 3.0.0+39546) we experience problems with licenses in use. In previous versions even though all licenses were taken, we could still use software (with watermark and without possibility to render) which was perfect for simple tests or designing in real time for many people at the same time. With the newest version we cannot do that anymore and only certain number of people (the same number as amount of licenses) can use the software, which becomes quite problematic during daily practice. Is it a bug or it was an intentional change from your side?

  • Hi Rick Marx

    Thanks for the link, had a read, such an unfortunate thing! Is there any plan to put it back? Based on comments and my own experience, it was really good feature to have in the offer.

  • So basically, when we pay for a license, we're really not purchasing the's more of a "lease"? If you're subscription runs out - can you no longer use the software title that you paid for? I hadn't really come upon this premise until reading all the unhappy comments about the restricted mode removal...? It seems that a fantastic piece of software is really making it difficult to stick with?

    Rick Marx - please let me know on the above? Do we actually own anything or are we just leasing a title for the duration of a subscription period? We did make purchase for a seat prior to the subscription model was that seat and version now nullified? Please clarify these items? Thanks.

  • mrsgrucha

    As the thread states this was a temporary offer and there are currently no plans to put this back in.


    Please contact our license department at for more information regarding this.