Is there a way to keep grass from creeping over curbs

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  • Two ways I have found;

    - make a border and fill with a copy of the same material (just don't have the name 'grass' in the material name).

    - after you have designed the model with everything in it, scale it all up by a factor of (eg) 2-5 (this will 'shorten' the grass and keep it in a bit, lessening the need for a border and making it look neater)

    Depending on how fussy you are, you could also tweak the border to bring it in where the grass overhangs most.

    You could also look at the Skatter plugin rather than using Enscape grass, but it's a bit more work.

  • Assuming you are using SketchUp then you could push the face(s) that are grass down about 30mm-50mm thus visually reducing the height of the grass. This should remove most of the overlap but retaining a little to maintain realism.