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  • We are a Mac based ArchiCAD architecture firm and so of course my initial request is for Enscape to come to Mac OS X. If that cannot happen, it would be amazing for us to be able to have a super powerful PC setup to run Enscape and over the LAN be able to send the data from ArchiCAD.

    For example, I would run ArchiCAD on my Mac, and when I want to use Enscape for a client presentation, I would be able to initiate the connection to a local LAN IP address.

    If there is a way to already do this, or if there is any way I can achieve all the real-time capabilities of Enscape using a separate PC and my Mac I would love to know about it.

    We were able to see the software in action when visiting an architect in Canada a few weeks ago and were really blown away. Just trying to figure out a way for us to use it as well, but remain Mac based.


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    Hey kittonian , the request for Mac support just received a further upvote!

    I'm afraid, remotely transferring data from ArchiCAD (or any other software) running on a Mac to another Windows machine which is capable of running Enscape is currently not possible. Be aware that if any of your Macs meets our system requirements, you could also use Enscape inside Bootcamp.

  • Thanks Demian. I realize it's currently not possible, but that's why I posted in the ideas and feature requests section :)

    Running Bootcamp, as I'm sure you would agree, is really not an option for any Mac based user. No one wants to run Windows on their Mac. People would just use a PC if they wanted to run Windows.

    I appreciate adding the upvote for a Mac version, and that's where we really need this to go. We have modded firmware NVidia GTX780 (6GB) cards in our Macs for all CUDA based rendering and higher end GPU needs, so running Enscape if there was a Mac version would be no issue at all.

  • I have 2 Macs (iMac and MBP) and my MBP spends more time as a Windows machine than Mac. I couldn't afford 2 machines so went for an i7 MBP so I could both.

    I'd love a better graphics card as thats the only thing lacking, everything else (processor, memory etc) beats any PC I've used in the past.

    Plus ...... The MacOS version of SketchUp is just horrible compared with the Windows one.

  • kittonian You always could stream from a Windows workstation to a Mac. You could stream via software but there are some LAN devices available that you plug into your HDMI port and connect them via cable to your network.