Inconsistent Material between native and linked Revit model

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  • I have today noted something not seen before - and can't quite work out what's amiss, so raising this as a potential bug.

    Specifically, we decorate our loose furniture content with some (.rfa not Enscape) entourage families to spruce scenes up a bit - and help differentiate dining tables from dressing tables, etc when working in plan. Amongst these items, an iconic green glass bottle of a particular Dutch pilsner... only, it's not green when I run Enscape from our "Documentation" model that hosts a series of linked models! If I run Enscape when in the model native, they're green. What's weird, is that all the other materials are fine - and this only (so far) appears to affect said bottle - which is no deeper nested or particularly special in any way to other content like the ramen bowl or chopsticks in shot.

    Any one else ever see the same?

    Whilst the material appearance of some fluff content isn't necessarily a pressing concern - the suggestion this might be an issue with linked models (?) is - as we can't be second guessing the consistency between link and source - and our workflow(s) demand we work with Enscape from the "Documentation" model.

    I welcome your insight. Thanks!

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