3d Grass Density

  • I was playing around with 2 surfaces very close together to try to achieve the enscape 3d grass effect in dirt and not on top of the grass texture. I think the best solution would be to add a slot in the material editor that changes the color of the grass to whatever texture someone wants while at the same time keeping the surface a different texture. But in the mean time, I think this effect would work better if there was a slider that allowed the user to change the density of the 3d grass particles on the surface. Right now it looks like this grass hasn't been taken care of in a year because of some large patches of dirt show through the grass. Is this something that could be added in a future update? Also, when looking straight down the grass effect disappears because all the 2d grass surfaces are perfectly vertical. A possible solution to this would be to angle them very slightly so they still read looking down.