Video texture illumination

  • Not a huge deal but I thought I'd let you guys know. I have been experiencing a crash that I've been able to reproduce and troubleshoot a few times now.

    I have a TV that has a video texture. The issue occurs when I try to set a video texture to illumination while Enscape is active. If I switch the texture from Generic to Illuminated, Enscape and Sketchup will crash.

    Switching video texture from generic to self illuminated:

    Enscape open, live: Crash
    Enscape open, not live: Crash
    Enscape closed: Works, no problems when opening Enscape after

    Enscape Version: Latest preview (4-14)
    CPU: i9-10850k
    GPU: RTX3070 (Drivers current as 4-14)

  • Ryan , definitely worth checking out! Please send us a dedicated feedback report, whenever you experience crashes really:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Your machine information and log files should tell us more regarding why you experience this and what can be done about it.

    Before hitting the "Send" button please also include a link to this thread in the submission form, that can't hurt. :)