Rhino 7 Lights

  • Hi everyone,

    Rhino 7 comes with a correct inverse square light attenuation, Enscape does support it but the intensity slider needs some calibration.

    Right now the workable ranges of intensity seems to be around 0.001 and 0.015 which makes things difficult to work with.

    Another request would be to add a support for IES lights in Rhino. I know it was already asked before but I feel it is an important feature. (Rhino has no intention of supporting it according to their team, they focus on a wide range of applications, not just architecture).



  • I was going to create a post... yes this is really a pain in Rhino 6 or 7, besides the intensity problem, there is another major one : the light's dimension aren't producing entirely light, so we have to overlay lights to create for example the whole length of the space. Massive pain to array 20 lights to cover one length.. and that's even before adjusting the lighting fall off and the lack of ies

    I think as a general idea, the whole rhino lighting isn't working well for enscape, I think sketchup and the rest of the software have it sorted it out and it works well. What would be good is to know if the devs at Enscape encounters the same lighting problem with Rhino? Demian Gutberlet ? thanks