Oculus Quest, Air Link and Enscape

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  • Hi

    I guess it's already been asked, but I could not find any posts using the search function.

    Does anyone know if Enscape will support Air Link - in Sketchup and / or Revit - when the function rools out?

    Btw. I have Air Link in the settings in the desktop software, under settings > beta, but nothing in the headset - has any one got it to work?



  • Well I found this tutorial to get Air Link to run.

    I started Sketchup, started Enscape and activated the VR Headset in Enscape. And there where a connection, I could see the view moving acording to the movement of the headset, but the in the headset was just black.

    And now I get a "quit current app" message, no matter what app I try to start. The popup ask me to quit the current app running, before I continue - but it nothing is happening.

    I quess I need to wait until the Air Link is public released.


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    Jorgensen , do you still experience black screens when using the official Air Link now? If so, we'd like to get to the bottom of this of course - if you haven't already, in such cases also definitely also send us a feedback report with a short description of your problem and/or a link to this Forum thread for reference. That is most often the fastest and most direct way to help you with software/hardware problems related to Enscape.

  • Ah - I restarted my PC. And now I can use air link.

    It's simply amazing standing in the living room using gravity sketch, running on the pc in the office. But I still have a black screen in Enscape.


    Hi there Jorgensen,

    Am I understanding this correctly - you are using the computing power of the PC in the office while away from it and connected to a different WiFi network?
    If that is in fact the case - this gives a great incentive on using the Air Link now - I can bring it to clients with a decent WiFi connection.
    Alternatively, I suppose bringing along a powerful laptop to the client will also do the job (given that connection to the same WiFi is required?)

    Do you reckon I can contact you to hear about your experience with the whole system setup? Please let me know.


  • I installed v29 on the headset and on my PC and there has been no issues at all. SteamVR doesn't seem to start up as it used to, so I'm not sure it's needed anymore? Worked like a charm with wired pc and 5ghz network for the headset closeby. No latency at all.

  • Hi,

    I really want to bring the oculus to a client. Sadly I can't bring my pc with me. Is there a possibility to use air link to walk through a building in Enscape on my pc at the office? So then the oculus will be on a different wifi than the pc.

    Otherwise I would have to invite clients at our office so the oculus and pc are on the same wifi network.

    Kind regards,


  • what I did was to export my scene to a standalone exe, then I got my client to install oculus on their pc, brought my app & oculus quest 2 & airlink from their office