Forum Guidelines (Do's and Don'ts)

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    Dear Forum Community,

    Please find below our current Forum Guidelines. They may be subject to change and/or new elements may be added with time.


    1. Be mindful of your language

    Wherever you are posting in the Forum, please remain civil and kind to each other. Please refrain from using and insults or foul language which can result in a temporary or even permanent ban from the Enscape Forums.

    2. Proofread before hitting ‘send’

    Before you post anything, remember to proofread and ensure your post does not contain any silly spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Apart from the grammatical aspects, also take a moment to see if you have structured and justified your argument properly. This way other users or the Enscape team are better able and more willing to assist or work with you!

    3. Use the search function before creating a new thread

    If you have just joined the Forum, or even when you’re a member for a while longer, please kindly make use of the search function in the Forum before asking your question, forwarding a bug, or requesting a feature. If you find an existing thread, please post your inquiries there – if the thread is marked as “Resolved” though, feel free to create a new one. Also, besides the search function, if you have a question, please also check out the FAQ beforehand.

    4. Be respectful

    You are bound to disagree at some point but what matters is how you put across your disagreement. You need to be respectful, assertive and polite while doing so.

    5. Stick to the topic of discussion

    When you post your comments, stick to the topic which is being presently discussed. Don’t change the subject abruptly or go off tangent when others are still talking about the topic of discussion – it causes unnecessary confusion and breaks the continuity.

    6. Write in English or use a translator before posting

    Please kindly understand that users themselves should ideally translate their post from any other language into English, using Google Translate for example. This way everyone can read what users are discussing right away without each having to rely on a translator themselves.

    7. Use a valid license if you are participating in this Forum

    Whether you wish to create a new thread or want to share some of your renderings in our showcase section, please understand that you will require a valid license which you have to present in case you are being contacted by us.


    1. Give out personal information

    Make sure you don’t give out any sensitive or personal information (License keys, e-mails, etc.). There are appropriate channels for that like detailed here:

    How do I contact Support?

    2. Use all caps


    What comes to your mind when you read this sentence? It’s off-putting because you can almost sense the aggression. That is not the impression you should leave. So, kindly stay away from writing in all caps.

    3. Post ‘empty’ comments

    What are empty comments? Those that are clearly written for the sake of saying something. Replying to other people’s comments with an ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ is enough to allow us to forward upvotes to existing feature requests, for example, but we would appreciate it if you can go a bit into further detail as to why you'd like to see discussed feature to be implemented - this way we have more convincing arguments to compare.

    If you have any feedback/concerns regarding our Guidelines, let me know via a DM.

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