VR Walkthrough sharpness or 360 Videos rendering?

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  • Hello there. I wonder will there be or is it possible to render out 360 view point videos in the near future?

    The current issue I have with real time rendering that even though having a somewhat acceptable machine - 2080ti, i9 - at Ultra details it needs a time to render out the textures which makes some people dizzy or ask why is the picture unsharp.

    So I was wondering if this feature would come someday or maybe a feature like how games are pre rendered so the textures would be crispy when doing VR walkthroughs?

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    Kristof95 , at least currently there aren't any plans to implement 360-degree videos, but our developers are also aware of the idea of baking the scene prior to improve performance in VR as well. I'm forwarding both of your requests!

    To the issue itself, what VR headset are you using and does it help if you generally reduce the Rendering Quality in the main tab when it comes to the image quality and especially faster rendering of textures and such?

  • Demian Gutberlet Im using the High setting option for VR but it might be from what I found on the forums something with a lower FPS rate or rather the FPS drops that might be the cause of all of this. At medium setting it feels like its rendering faster but the difference between medium and high in terms of render speed seems not all too high but the texture quality difference is massive between those 2 steps.

    Im using currently the Oculus Quest 2. Have it tethered with a usb 3 and tried with Virtual Desktop as well which has a slightly better performance due to the compression rate id assume.

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    Kristof95 , you can also certainly send in a feedback report and we'll check your log files for any problematic behaviours if there are any. Meanwhile, definitely also make sure that your GPU drivers are fully up to date and get the latest ones via the NVIDIA homepage directly.

    Furthermore, how large is the project in general? In terms of megabytes, and is it perhaps also rather detailed? If you have any screenshots you can share feel free to do so as well.

  • The Modell itself isnt all too large. Building model is about 300 MB and linked topography modell without trees about 170MB.

    I will post it in about a month as I cant legally make it public as of yet bureaucracy x)

    But thanks for the help ! I hope I can get to it this week finally.