A Diagrammatic Approach to Enscape

  • Hi all,

    I am using enscape in designing and visualization processes for a long time. But this time I tried to use it for preparing the diagrams of a recent project of mine. When the camera sync. is open and use the same resolutions in both skp 2d export and enscape export, the resulth is perfeclty matching. By this way, possibilities are endless. This is just one of them (bye bye kerkythea) ;)

  • yeah, excatly. If you switch on the view sycn. and make the export resoulutions same, then the exported images will have the same frame and angle. Perfectly matched in photoshop. I use enscape for clay rendering, the line work and the sharp shadows are from sketchup.

  • That's Brilliant.............I used this technique when Using V-Ray for SketchUp, It's nice that you can do the Same with Enscape............

    excatly. Also I was using Kerkythea for this. And now this way is more fast and easy to use. But one negativity is that, you can onlyuse this with aerial views. Because view sync. is not working well for eye views. Because in SKP you need to use two point perspective in order to correct the vertical shifts. When you do that enscape is not following the view any more. But you dont need eye level views for diagrams everytime.