Sharing material maps with Google Drive?

  • I'm working in a small team using Sketchup and Enscape for garden and landscape design. I have set up a material library with Sketchup materials and Enscape material maps, but I'm having problems sharing it with the other designers in my team using Google Drive. When they point Sketchup at the material library that is synced to their computers locally from Google Drive, Enscape cannot find the maps because their Enscapes are looking for my user on my collegues computers.

    (example C:\Users\Myuser\Google Drive\Company\Production\SketchUp\Material\Sketchup material folder)

    Anyone know how to set up a system where local Sketchup and Enscape programs can find a cloud saved material library and maps?


  • Rick Marx

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  • I don't believe it's possible. I have tried this in the past and SketchUp will continue to default back to the "User" drive. This is more of a SketchUp thing than an Enscape. The solution I have done is, created a master library of everyday materials and copied them to my local user folder. This method works fine and enscape settings generally are saved. The rest of your team will have to do the same - if they open a project you've done and they shouldn't have any issues.

    Now I haven't done this with a cloud base server like google so the pathing could cause issues. Do a small test and see if the result works.

    The thing to remember is this is SketchUp and it has endless limitations when it comes to more complex workflows. haha

  • Enscape uses absolute paths for its materials so if you have Google or OneDrive installed in their default locations YOUR path will be something like:


    but your colleague's will be


    Whilst you are syncing correctly between machines Enscape and any other app that references files will raise errors as in the case of your colleague it can't find 'C:\Users\nadjanda\GoogleDrive\MyTextures\whatever.jpg' even though it's on their system.

    There is an answer, though but it does involve reconfiguring GoogleDrive and can be a slightly scary process.

    BOTH of you (all team members in fact) need to setup GoogleDrive (Same for OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) so they are in the same folder on each machine.

    My OneDrive is D:/OneDrive on all my machines but if you or ANYONE in the team only have a C drive it MUST go there (C:)

    If you have an ounce of doubt about doing this then DONT, you're going to be mucking about with a lot of files and ALL existing projects will have broken texture links for everybody but ... moving forward it will be much better.