How to influence the naming of panoramas

  • Hi All
    is there any possibility to influence the naming of a panorama upload? So far, Enscape automatically assigns the name of the SketchUp file, which is not particularly suitable.
    (+ because it fits right now ;) why does the stereo mode still not work?)

  • EGIE , the panoramas are actually only named after the SketchUp file itself at themoment - I'll forward your request though of course. :)

    Also, can you export "Medium"/"Low" resolution Stereo Panoramas or does that also not work for you?

  • ... thanks ;-)

    (the creation itself seems to work in all variations - but when I call up the pano with ANY mobile phone via QR code, only the simple mono mode works, but never cardboard, or even stereo - everything always remains black)