Custom Assets appear on Revit, but not enscape

  • Hello,

    I currently attached a custom library from one of my coworkers to my enscape/computer. Models appear fine on Revit, I'm able to edit them and I see them in my library. Only issue I'm having is that I can't see these models on Enscape. (Only about 5 random ones out of 60)

    Methods I've tried to fix it

    1. Generating all assets

    2. Placing custom assets in different parts of the model

    3. Changing edits to the asset.

    4. Restarting the computer

    5. Opening and closing the model

    6. Hiding and unhiding objects

    How can I fix this issue?


    -Make sure your Enscape is up to date to the latest version.

    -Go into the model and place items (or just leave the ones already located in the model. I reapplied them just in case.)

    -Once all Items are generated on the asset editor, close escape and the model, then reopen again.

    - All models should reappear once you open enscape.