Trees shown in revit but not enscape

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  • Rick Marx

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  • Hi JAgw

    First off, welcome to our forum!

    Can you tell me if this is happening with a specific tree or with multiple trees?

    Do they show after reloading Enscape perhaps?

    If it isn't related to a specific asset, could you please send in feedback via the Enscape Feedback Button with a link to this thread in the description.

  • Has anyone figured this out? I'm having the same problem. I thought it was just one project that was already having some issues, but it seems to be happening in ALL of my projects. Trees show in Revit, but not in Enscape. I had an issue where my GPU driver wasn't updated, but that has been resolved. It resolved some of my issues (I can actually open that project now), but now I have no vegetation. Anyone have a clue what is causing this and any solutions for help? Support knows and it shows up for Josh, but not for me. At this point Enscape is basically unusable for me and if I can't get this fixed I don't know what else to do except drop my license. :( I don't want to b/c I LOVE Enscape, but if it doesn't run on this expensive of a rig and I can't figure this out I don't know what else to do. I'm not going to keep paying for it if I cannot use it. I hope someone can help fix this!