Enscape won't open - stuck at 5% loading

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    Hi jubemii

    I am sorry to hear about that - To get behind this as quickly as possible, please also be so kind as to submit us a Feedback report with your log files and we can look further into it.

  • Ok. Been struggling with this for a while and found a solution finally from this post:

    Unify your messaging about Recommended GPU drivers

    So the fix is basically to use the described drivers in the system requirements page at Recommended Graphics Drivers:


    Despite the written:

    Enscape should work if your GPU is capable of running the minimum recommended drivers listed below. Although we always advise that you should be running the latest available drivers for your GPU, sometimes the latest available GPU drivers can cause unforeseen issues and in such a case we strongly advise that you roll back to the drivers listed here:

    We are a small office and putting resources to this has been challenging. I am the person who knows most about (only one who knows anything) IT.

    About half of us use Enscape in our company and of course my Enscape has been working flawlessly, but ALL the rest have been having crashing at ≤5%. The difference between my setup and theirs is that they use a "professional" GPU Nvidia Quadro and I have a "gamer" GPU GeForce RTX 2080 Super.

    All the suggested things on this post had been done numerous times. Some suggestions like the suggested integrated graphics card seemed farfetched to me as it seems more like a flaw in the system if that fixes it.

    I rarely bump into issues where an older GPU driver fixes the issue but this did it for us. I hope people find this solutions and it works and I hope they find it as ridiculous as I do. I do understand that keeping up with ALL the latest GPU drivers in a company like Chaos might also be challenging, but latest should still mostly work in a weeks notice. Hope you all get to work with this fix.

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    TuomRid , thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear about these crashes.

    Right away, please make sure that the machines which have the Nvidia Quadro GPU's built in do actually meet our system requirements:


    In general though, what we reccomend in such a case is always to submit a feedback report alongside from at least one of the machines that is experiencing any technical issues like crashing/freezing and so forth:


    Doing so transfers your machine information as well as log files which will help with further analyzing the exact cause behind this.

    Regarding our suggestion to make Enscape not use any integrated graphics, this is what we reccomend doing when alongside the dedicated GPU there's also a CPU built-in with a graphics chip (which does not support Enscape), often provided by Intel or AMD in later offerings. But again, via the feedback report itself we'll be able to tell if the culprit is actually related to any integrated GPU being used the first place right away.

    Kindly let me know once the report as been submitted in case the machine(s) meet our requirements.