Feedback: New view manager is inefficient and time consuming - please revert!!

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  • Hello,

    first of all, congrats for the new UI. It seems you wanted to make it look more professional and more efficient.

    while in generall you achieved that there are some things that are - excuse me - terrible for the workflow.
    I will need to revert to an earlier version unless this is changed again.

    you have added a viewport manager that replaces the manager with the previews.

    firstly it is extremely unefficient and unintuitive to not have the previews anymore. really the workflow was: going quickly through the previews and changing the view. now having only the names it is difficult to remember all views.

    secondly for some reason changing the view always has as a cosequence the view is exported from revit again. so you dont have the flight to the position we used to have. which in my case costs like 30 (!!!!) seconds every time. honestly, this kills the workflow. i now have to change the view position manualy which is of course inacurate.

    I think you did this to have the view tied to the revit settings. but this is really a deterioration.

    still, if i have overseen something or i am missing any information, i will be glad to have you correct me. because this is about my work efficiency.

    best regards,


  • I agree with both all Alex_5278 's points:

    - the UI overall was successful on most fronts

    - but some changes, like missing thumbnails, always-geometry-reload (and, for me at least, auto-saving of the settings) are breaking changes that are proving so counterproductive we needed to roll back

    Linking to a native should be be optional, and you should be able to pick what you want to link from the native view and what is saved in Enscape's view directly:

    "link to view" dropdown + 3 checkboxes for: geometry / time of day / camera position. Once you have that, geometry should only be reloaded for views that have "geometry" checked. All the other views would just load from the active Enscape view.

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    Mentioning this in here as well but, with a new update soon it will be able to disable the automatic geometry reloading each time. Thank you for the feedback so far I appreciate it!

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    Great news i hope the same "switch" will be available in the batch render also.

    This will be part of another update - we're aware that this should also be available for batch renderings as well though, it's just gonna come later.