Displace + Normal map

  • Hi, I'm doing some experiments with materials and I have one suggestion for the way Enscape uses normal and displace.

    As it is right now, v3.02, I only have the possibility to use normal or height but not both as usual in a render engine.

    The problem with this is that heightmaps doesn't have fine details and normal lacks proper volume. It would be desirable to have both, normal for details and height for volume working together. The ideal would be to even have an extra bump map to add even finer details but this would be a plus.

    Below you can see a test that explains what I mean (albedo and roughness is the same in all images):

    The bottom images are simple height and normal, the top ones is a workaround with some composition in photoshop. the workaround works almost good but it is also time consuming.

    Best regards

  • Thanks a lot alexandrecollaco , you're not the first to request this and I've gladly forwarded your voice and feedback to our product management team for further review. I appreciate your input!