Frosted Glass

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  • I have seen a couple of mentions of FROSTED GLASS in the forum here.... But I'm looking to do something just a bit different...

    I am trying to make an ETCHED DESIGN in glass where part is Frosted and the rest is clear...

    For now, just imagine STRIPES (though I'd like to have something like STICKS or GRASS look)

    Is there a way to create a PNG where this can be accomplished?

    I tried one, and it almost worked, but the alpha channel portion is more like INVISIBLE than glass..

    [I did overlay this on another piece of glass and it looked ok..]

    If anyone has a clever technique, please pass it along...

  • The closest thing I think you could get to this is to vary the roughness /frosted amount using a roughness map.

    A plain one image that was striped for example , black stripes would be a less frosted area and a white strip would come out as more frosted