Archicad picture object doesn't show in Enscape

  • Hi!

    I am running Enscape in Archicad. It looks really nice and It shows all the textures.

    However it does not show the images on the picture object. It seems that Enscape can not read image in the picture object.

    It shows the image only when converting the object into morph in Archicad. Changing the object into morph is not practical because it is difficult to change the dimensions later.

    I work with exhibitions and the picture object is a very important element.

    Is there a way to solve this problem?



  • The way i generally solve this problem is create a texture in archicad that has the picture/image as the texture then apply the texture to the picture area of the object.

    other work arounds include a wall with a frame and the same principal. Hopefully this helps