Materials messing up

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  • Hello everyone,

    In the last enscape models that I produced the materials were messed up. Textures appeared on the wrong objects although they were not assigned on them. This was especially noticeable at the worksession rhino files. Has anyone encountered anything similar?

    Many thanks.

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    Manousaki , thanks a lot for your report - can you please let me know a bit more about your material settings in general defined in Rhino, and have you been making use of our Material Editor as well in the first place? Also, are you using our latest release, and if not already please make sure to do so. Finally, please make sure that your scene is not too far away located from the center point (the default center point when you start a new project).

    If that doesn't help, a few more details and screenshots would be helpful - thank you in advance!

  • Hey! How was the issue solved in the end?
    I`m struggeling with the same issue. The Rhino files work fine by themselves, but when attaching one some objects have the wrong material. Opening the block instances where the objects are in and clicking on the objects once seems to "remind" rhino/enscape what materials are actually assigned to the objects, but it keeps happening with different objects.

    Thanks a lot in advance!!

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    I'm sorry to hear about that DT_HDM , have you also been making use of our included Material Editor to adjust the materials? If so, can you perhaps very briefly record this behavior with your phone or a screen recording software as I've not been able to reproduce this issue right away. Also, you are using our latest release too, correct?