Linear lighting issues - Emit from length not being honored

  • If Enscape doesn't recognize linear-based lighting, you'll still be able to model geometry (in place or as a parametric linear element) as a light family category and apply self illuminating material to the geometry.

  • so thats what i have been doing basically to get around it, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Basically I have to turn the light off and only use the self illuminating material. But I find that has some issues when hidden behind other items.

  • Yes, enscape's interpretation of Revit lights is... painfully basic. As far as I can tell, it will only ever emit lights (IES or not) from the exact point the light emitter is placed, and it will incorrectly cast shadows based on that point as well (i.e. a few globe-shaped sconces I use will have the light emitter cast shadows from the fixture geometry as if it were a point light when in reality there would be no shadows as the diffuser is a large sphere).

    The only workaround I've been able to do is to rely entirely of using self-illuminating materials for linear fixtures or fixtures like what I mentioned. Linear fixtures can work OK with standard lighting if you've got a particularly wide/linear IES profile and nothing to block how the IES profile casts, but this only works well if your linear fixture matches the exact size of the IES.

  • Just FYI that suggestion is pretty old and Enscape has come far. Emissive materials render much more pleasingly a year later.

    Don't overdo the luminance setting (creates aforementioned blotchiness). I believe the luminance is based on the area of the material. So a larger object (flat screen TV) might have a luminance value of 5, while something very small (tiny wire inside Edison type bulb) might have a value of 500.