Unable to download latest update on Windows computer

  • When trying to download the latest Enscape update, I get this error saying the installation package cannot be opened because it doesn't exist/ isn't valid:

    Other staff members at our office are also receiving this error.

    Thank you,


  • csluder , I'm sorry to hear about that.

    1. Does this occur with the same installer, or are your staff members individually downloading the installer?

    -> If it's the same installer, and in general, does it help if you acquire and try to install Enscape via the installer I uploaded here?

    2. Does it make a difference if you try to run the installer with administrator permission/rights?

    3. Is your windows fully up to date as in, all the latest updates have been installed?

    4. Was anything adjusted infrastructure-wise or on the machines themselves that you could think of which may affect this?

    Thanks a lot in advance!