My Materials are stuck as grass or water? when I want them to be asphalt? might be a concrete road but has waving grass as texture!??? Sketchup 4 Enscape

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  • I have driveways and roads and other surfaces that are stuck with the color of the correct material or even stuck as the wrong material... for example i have a brick driveway that's stuck as the wrong color and the texture is waving as a grass texture?!!!!! I want it to be a normal asphalt, but its stuck as brick/grass luxury driveway with a waving grass texture on top. I am new to this and have no clue how to fix this anything would help.;(:sketchup:

  • Rick Marx

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  • I've had this happen before with models I've been sent

    It turned out it was because the back side of the faces had a material with a keyword on

    You might want to check that.

    A quick way to do that is to put all materials in the model into list view and check if there are any there with grass or water in the name

    If you delete them, they will be replaced with the "default" material and the effect would go away.

    Hopefully it's just that and you can get up and running again quickly