Bitmap Errors Continue....

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  • Enscape starts up, and the wrong bitmaps are applied. This has been a long-standing problem with Enscape, and I'm wondering if there's going to be a fix? Or maybe there is a fix and I'm not aware?

    While a Pepsi logo carpet is kind of cool, that's not the right bitmap. LOL.

    This causes panicky moments just before live I'm racing around to fix things.

    The issue is random. If I open the file again, it may or may not have any issues.

    ver 3.0.2

    SketchUp 2021

  • I've conducted a number of tests over the past year and a half as this problem arises. There's no rhyme or reason. I've had it happen in small, medium, large, and massive scenes. I have very large scenes in which it's never happened. Here's some tests that I just ran. Not the first time...

    Cold Start

    Open up SketchUp. Fire up Enscape.

    Problem still there.

    Cold Start With Most of the Assets Deleted

    Problem still there.

    Open SketchUp, Create A New (Blank) Scene #1

    Open SketchUp and create a new scene. Fire up Enscape

    Close Enscape, Open my working file using File/Open

    Fire up Enscape.

    Problem still there.

    Open Sketchup, Create a New Scene #2

    Open SketchUp and create a new scene. Fire up Enscape

    With the Enscape window OPEN, go to File/Open and pick my problem scene.

    Problem still there.

    The quick fix is to open the SketchUp material tray, go to a problem material, select EDIT, switch color picker type to HLS, and adjust the 'H' value just one point and switch it back. The bitmap magically appears. Saving the SketchUp file is no guarantee that the problem is fixed.

    This issue has occurred with every Enscape version I've used since coming onboard over a year ago. Here's other threads where the problem is mentioned:

    Materials messing up

    2.9+6 Incorrect Texture Issue

    texture switching problem

  • Hi landrvr1

    Sorry to hear this has been a long standing issue for you.

    Would it be possible to share a small (test) project with us where this is sometimes happening for you?

    You can share a WeTransfer link with me via a DM for example.

    Additionally, please send us a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button.

    Please add my name and a link to this thread in the description for reference.

  • The problem went away in the file I was working on... This is not uncommon - particularly after a restart. Though sometimes a restart doesn't fix the issue. The most frustrating thing about this problem is the total unpredictability and inability to consistently replicate the issue. It comes. It goes.

    I'm thinking this is a problem specific to SketchUp users - as I can't find any posts that talk about the same issue happening in Revit, Rhino, etc.

    Rick, I'll send you a version of the file without all the furniture - which still had the issue happening (before it stopped happening, lol).

  • Okay, here's more info on the issue. I opened up a small file this morning and the pavers outside the building are supposed to have a concrete bitmap, but within the ENSCAPE MATERIALS, a different bitmap is substituted. As you can see in the screenshot, the SketchUp material bitmap remains correct.

    I had assumed up until this point that the problem was due to large scenes/large amounts of bitmaps, but that's clearly not the case.

    Whether or not anyone at Enscape can reproduce the problem is another matter. However, I find it astounding that while several SketchUp users have had this issue and posted about it, no one at Enscape has seen the issue firsthand!!!?? That's troubling.

    I plan on staying on this issue, as it's a huge hassle. I'm using a new computer as of 2 weeks ago, and the problem persists. An associate of mine has also experienced this issue.

    Once again, making objects into proxies will also immediately correct the bitmap problem.

  • I was having this exact issue this weekend on a pretty small project. In my case it seems to be related to a proxy object (a map in the proxy showed up on another material in the main model.) The project I used the proxy in previously had also developed the same issue, with the same map.

    I'll try to upload and send to Enscape support.


    I resaved the file, tried to verify the problem would be repeatable. In the process of messing around with the map I "broke" the error (ie, i can no longer replicate it.)

    It seems to me to be a cache issue, but I don't see where the textures would be cached. I would think "....AppData\Roaming\Enscape\Data\Textures" would be likely, but there is nothing recent in there. Is there another location we could try clearing out?

  • Hi rifkin,


    That's where the 'cached' textures are located. Duplicates are constantly created every time you fire up Enscape in a unique, new instance that's never been started before. I think that's how it works. Wiping out the temp folder each time is probably a work around, but another hassle.

    I've had this issue happen with no proxies in the scene, so I don't believe their presence makes any difference.

  • landrvr1

    I opened your file on several occasions but none of the materials seemed missing.

    Could you send me a feedback report including the log files as seen here, perhaps this can give us some insight into the issue.

    Please add a link to this thread and my name in the description for reference.

  • New Info:

    I deleted the SketchupTextures folder from the Temp folder on my C drive, then fired up SketchUp and Enscape.

    The SketchupTextures folder was recreated as expected, BUT THE BITMAP CONFLICT WAS STILL THERE.

  • Hi landrvr1

    Thanks for the feedback report!

    Every time I opened the project, I saw the correct bitmap as shown in your image.

    I will advise with our developers and update here as well once there is any new information.

  • Adam, that was an interesting idea but unfortunately had no affect.

    I deleted all proxy models in my scene. Did a full model purge, saved, and closed. Restarted everything.
    The problem went away entirely.

    rifkin mentioned this earlier in the thread, and I'm certain I've seen this behavior in models without proxies, but at least it confirms that proxy models in the scene could certainly be the problem.

  • did you have the issue with the giant proxies at all?