Video editor 2nd to last keyframe change keeps shifting video duration

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  • I tried to like the new video editor, but there is one significant flaw.

    *Edit for clarity*

    When I try to edit the 2nd to last keyframe, it changes the *video duration* (despite setting it to a fixed time.) Here's a screen video of what is happening. No other time stamp change makes the video duration change, only the 2nd to last keyframe.

    Is there any solution to this?…e/20210526104240.mp4?dl=0

  • Proportionally adjusting the time stamp for all the intermediate frames is perfectly fine and expected, except for how it affects the gap between the last 2 frames. I have no control over this gap. When I try to lower the timestamp on that 2nd to last frame, the total duration shifts. This should not happen.

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  • The broken video editor hasn't been fixed. Is there any solution, or being worked on?

    It's beyond frustrating now that I need to render videos again. The 2nd last frame and the last frame are mushed together. You can't keep the time stamp of the 2nd last frame and change the duration, they will change together, vice versa.

    The frame / time stamping worked just fine on the previous version.

  • Hi andybot  EGIE  Ryan  L.S

    Apologies for the late response on this.

    I tested this and see the issue here, I was able to work around it by creating a double keyframe at the end of the path and timestamping the (new) 2nd last keyframe.

    The link where you were referring to where it was marked as a bug seems to be a different issue correct?

    There it is the issue that you can't create 2 keyframes at one point to make a pause in the video it seems.

    I know this isn't much, but I will bring this issue up in our internal meeting and will keep you all up to date.

  • The link where you were referring to where it was marked as a bug seems to be a different issue correct?

    There were 2 bugs reported, I was referring to the 2nd paragraph. Also - isn't it impossible currently to create a double keyframe without slightly moving the camera position? Thus it's not a true workaround. I don't want some small jitter at the end of the video.

    So... is a fix coming soon?

  • andybot

    Apologies, I had missed the second part there.

    Perhaps I am missing something here, I had no issue create multiple keyframes in the exact same place without moving the camera, neither with the button nor by pressing 'K'.

    As we haven't had our internal meeting yet I am unable to say if a fix for this will be coming soon.

    As soon as I know more I will update you.

  • The issue here is not, whether or not you can create keyframes at the same spot. No one was discussing about that. The problem is that the last keyframe that's at the same spot as the previous keyframe cannot be controlled.

    The workaround kind of works. It uses unnecessarily 4 key frames when 3 should suffice in order to keep the camera at the same spot and have time pass.

    In case anyone needs further explanation,

    You want the camera to move from point A to B. When the camera comes to point B, you want the camera to stop there and let time pass so that you can furthermore see the change of focal point blur or daytime -> night time at the exactly same spot.

    Theoretically you need keyframe 1, 2, and 3. However, the last keyframe is useless because once you set timestamp at keyframe 2, the total duration will be cut to keyframe 2 timestamp. It's not possible to maintain the total duration and only change keyframe 2 time stamp.

    You will actually need keyframe 1, 2, 3, and 4. The last keyframe 4 is just a useless dummy. Go ahead time stamp 2 and 3 where you need them to be, and use keyframe 3 as your last frame, not keyframe 4. The total duration will be automatically changed to the time stamp of keyframe 3.

    You can't click keyframe 3 or 4 from the bar at the bottom because they are at the same spot. Use arrows to go back and forth between keyframes at the same spot. The progress bar is also useless anyway at the current state. You can't even slide keyframes. I wonder if this is also something in the works for the future. Frankly, this visual update shouldn't have happened without being able to slide keyframes. The only thing that did is to break functioning keyframes from previous version and to create confusion.