Water Rendering Glitch

  • We have a lake frontage to a property so we expanded the topography to include all the water. Now Enscape always glitches and shows this black hole as part of the water. I know it's a glitch because as you move closer to it, the hole moves. You can never fall down it when in walk mode, and if you stand in the centre of the lake the spot disappears.

    we have tried a few computers, different water assets, changing the subregions and changing the topography. Nothing fixes the glitch. Any further ideas??

  • Rick Marx

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  • It looks like you have coplanar materials where there's one material for the water and another different material at exactly the same location. Please check your model to confirm.

    Thanks Phil for trying to assist. I have checked and confirmed there is only 1 subregion in the area. There are no other 3d objects near that area.

    The odd thing is that as I move around the scene, the black part moves places also. The only time it's not visible is when I stand in the middle of the lake.

  • Make sure you don't have any single sided faces. Here's another suggestion if you're modeling the edge of a body of water: don't model the shoreline. Model a simple flat surface that goes under the terrain. That way if you have to troubleshoot the water surface geometry you're not stuck editing a bunch of triangles. HTH.