Vulkan Error: 9 Error device lost at fences.

  • Have an issue with rendering on a personal computer new pc with a Geforce RTX 3070(desktop) for the home office

    But the same scene works on the older Desktop at work, with a GTX 1080 ti

    Is there a compatibility issue with the RTX cards ? still in my warranty period on a the new desktop so could send it back if it cannot handle the file.

    Although the 3070 seems to respond and work a lot quicker while working on the file, scene and live updates, it just fails on the render.

    Feedback report might be registered to the it administrator at work same company email tho. (grb@)

    Hope to get some quick feedback on this :)

    Best regards


  • Rick Marx

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    Thank you for sending in the log files.

    There are no compatibility issues with RTX cards.

    I see my colleague has already responded on your feedback report, and as he mentioned "this is an out of memory issue that is caused by a bug that does not consider the amount of VRAM taken by the geometry in a project."

    Please see his response for possible work arounds.

  • Did you ever get this resolved? We just upgraded our machines from Quadro RTX 3000 cards to the Quadro RTX 5000 and now are getting this error at any resolution.

    Welcome to our Forum. Please be so kind as to send us a dedicated Feedback Report with your log files as described here. Both of these cards should be supported by Enscape, so with the help of your other machine information and the logs we can let you know more about the cause of this. Also, have you made sure that you're using both the latest drivers for those graphics cards and that you're on our latest version of Enscape?