Please provide a way to turn off 3d mouse from Enscape (SKP error)

  • 3d connexion, sketchup, and Enscape are all update date.

    This is a common issue apparently. Enscape hijacks 3d mouse even if it's not even open, and you can't use 3d mouse for modeling. This is more than frustrating , not to be able use 3d mouse for modeling. I'd rather completely give up using 3d mouse on Enscape. Would there be anyway to completely turn off 3d mouse with Enscape so that it can be used for modeling?

  • L.S

    Changed the title of the thread from “Please provide a way to turn off 3d mouse from Enscape” to “Please provide a way to turn off 3d mouse from Enscape (SKP error)”.
  • This is negatively affecting work flow and productivity because SKP isn't recognizing 3d mouse because of Enscape. It doesn't work with Rhino, which I just conceded. At least I can still use 3d mouse when modeling in Rhino.

    Using 3d mouse for modeling is much more important than using it in Enscape. If this bug is going to be fixed, could you please please please give us a away to turn it off so that it can be used for modeling in SKP.

  • Hi L.S

    I see that this may cause frustration.

    Do you mean that you are not running into this issue with Rhino?

    Could you in that case please send in feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button.

    Please add a link to this thread and my name in the description for reference.

  • 3d mouse isn't supported with Enscape for Rhino as you know. In turn, I can actually use the 3d mouse for modeling in Rhino.

    Enscape for SKP supports 3d mouse, but it completely hijacks the 3d mouse from SKP even when Enscape isn't even open. I can't use the 3d mouse for modeling in SKP. I rather use it for modeling. This is beyond frustrating when you suddenly can't use 3d mouse for 3d modeling.


  • L.S

    In case you are using SketchUp 2021, the thread here suggest that with the latest driver this should work properly again.

    However, as we are looking into reworking our 3d mouse integration I will forward this to our developers.

  • I have the latest driver installed, but it's still the same. (driver installed, computer rebooted, Enscape the latest as well).

    3d mouse still doesn't work on SKP because of Enscape hijacking it even when not open. If I open 3d mouse property with SKP (with Enscape closed), the property shows Enscape instead of SKP.

    Hoping for complete disconnection from Enscape for 3d mouse so that I can actually use it for 3d modeling. I was hoping that might be a quicker option to provide instead of you guys trying to figure out what's wrong. Uninstalling / reinstalling Enscape to use 3d mouse is a bit much.