Any possible link from Grasshopper?

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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm all new in here! So as long as I couldn't find a search box for keywords I have to create a new thread.

    I'm using the student version of Enscape for Rhino and I have to say that it works wonderfully! But I just noticed that for a responsive lighting solution from grasshopper, I can't reference it to "Enscape" because it is not a rhino object! Is there any possible solution for this issue! Or Does Enscape Group have any plan for importing from Grasshopper? Because I could use V-ray but it creates a very heavy and painful situation for my laptop! :)

    Thanks a lot

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    Mehrzad88 , I'm afraid at the moment content from Grasshopper is not supported - we already had some requests before regarding this subject, so I'll forward your feedback as well to our developers. :)