Enscape for different Revit years

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  • Hello. I was wondering if its possible to install Enscape for separate revit instances as I installed Enscape for 2020 but we will slowly move onto 2022 but until then there will still be a little bit time and there are some features id like to use in the 2022 but Enscape itself shows that its installed only in the 2020 version not in the 2022 one.

    Is there a way to choose which version it will be installed to?

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    Kristof95 , in the first instance I recommend a clean re-install of Enscape, installing it for all users as well - usually, you should find Enscape in all the corresponding Revit versions accordingly. Sometimes this isn't the case, then there is a workaround available which I will share. But, it usually helps to do a re-install first thing. Let me know if that doesn't do the trick! :)