Vive Pro 2

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  • Greetings,

    I am a big fan of the VR abilities in Enscape. I've tried several headsets and keep coming back to my Vive Pro with wireless adapter. I've read that the Vive Pro 2 is hitting the US market tomorrow, June 3. I will be picking this up and I am looking forward to the new higher resolution. It runs at 6MP (2448x2448 per eye) where the Vive Pro is at 3.5MP (1400x1600 per eye). Yes, that's nearly double the pixels. If there's one thing that bothers me about VR, it's the screen door effect and the "almost" good resolution.

    Has anyone used this model yet? Perhaps in a trial setting?

    I will post my thoughts once I've had a chance to test it out!

  • Keep us posted!

    Greetings once again.

    I've had some time with the Vive Pro 2 and have a few findings to share.

    1. When wired, the resolution is fantastic. I'm running an RTX 3090 and it is certainly taxing even that card. Materials are sharper, cleaner and appear to have higher resolution. I can zoom into a plant and it just looks better and better, the closer I get. It's quite incredible.

    2. That being said, we use ours in a wireless setting (which is much preferred to a cable for us). Currently, the wireless setup runs the same resolution as the Vive Pro, so it's not getting the same resolution as with a cable. HOWEVER, the screen is so much better due to its higher resolution! The screen door effect is so small now that I have to really try and find it. The moment I switched back over to the Pro, the SDE was very pronounced compared to the Pro 2. Thankfully, there will be an update soon which will allow a higher resolution through the same wireless adapter. There's word that a higher bandwidth wireless adapter is on the horizon and I am certainly excited about that. High resolution with wireless is a dream!

    3. The Field of View is much better as well. Same in either cable or wireless. To me, the most important thing about having VR is the immersion. This wider FOV takes VR to the next level of immersion. When combined with wireless, it's pretty amazing.

    4. Compared to the Quest 2, the Pro 2 is still a lower resolution on wireless (for now), but the lower bandwidth on the quest 2 hurts it quite a bit. The other thing is tracking on the quest 2 just isn't as good. I get a lot more stutter/jutter, than I do with either Pro or Pro 2.

    Wide FOV, high resolution and wireless... I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed!

    If you're cabled and plan to remain that way, it's a very good upgrade. Albeit not a game changer, but a very good upgrade. If you're in the wireless space, it's pretty good. The removal of the SDE alone is almost enough to justify it. But I'd advise either waiting until the new wireless adapter arrives or going in with the understanding that you'll not have the high resolution in the immediate future.

    After I have some more time to work with it, I'll give an update. Most likely next week sometime.

  • That sounds great, can you give us more info about the computer set up/ specs? I consider an Alienware X17 laptop with this solution.

    Yes, I'm using a Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB Ram, RTX 3090. Given the specs of that laptop, you'll be able to run it well while tethered. Wireless should be stable, but that's a tough call. Based on my experience, I have an Alienware r17 (I believe) and that has only a 1070 in it, the x17 should work well. My r17 is able to run my Vive Cosmos pretty well. I just had to connect a pcie expansion box to install the wireless card.