viewing vr on iPhone / google cardboard / Samsung Gear?

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  • hi

    i wonder if anyone know of an easy solution to show customers stereo panorama via iphone / cardboard?

    i have purchase a "homido grab" headset, and i would like to be able to send my non-technical colleagues out to customers and have them being able to show customers the stereo panoramas we have created with enscape. but i have not found an easy solution yet.

    my dream scenario is - i send the panoramas to my colleagues via mail or dropbox - they then download them and save them on the phone - open an app - view the first image (sorted by name), and viewing the next image by pressing the button on the headset.

    i have tried creating stereo panoramas in enscape, export them, modify them online and then import them into google cardboard camera, and then view them in here, but it's a very long and very very troublesome way of doing this, and i can't even sort the images inside google cardboard camera - at lest i have not found out how....

    i cant rely on online solutions, as we don't know if we have access at the customer.

    any ideas are welcome.



  • There's a much easier solution! You don't need an app for that. Just upload the panorama using Enscape and open the link in your mobile browser. This can be done using the QR code that is shown during mouseover. Or simply send the link via email.

    Try opening this one here with your phone:

    Be sure to check our knowledgebase for more information for this and other topics:

  • hi thomas

    does this solution require online access?

    does it support stereo?

    can you swith to the next image by pressing the button on the cardboard?

    images are 16mb in normal quality and 60mb in high quality, so it would be nice with a offline solution.


  • Since it is a web link, of course you need internet to open a web link. Regarding stereo, let me quote the knowledgebase:


    Enscape allows you to generate 360° panoramas in both stereo or mono. They can be saved to a file or uploaded into the cloud, where they are accessible via weblink. The panoramas can be viewed with a web browser on both desktop computers or mobile devices. If you exported a stereo panorama, you can enable the cardboard mode on your mobile device by clicking on the cardboard icon.

    There's no toggling to "next panorama" yet. The images are only so big (like 16MB) if you export them as an uncompressed PNG image (the "save to file" button). When we host them for browser usage (like the link i posted before) it's not that huge and stored as a compressed image.

  • posted this on trello, but not sure how many here visits trello....

    an easy way of exporting stereo panoramas from Enscape to Google Cardboard would be a very big win for us as architects.

    Right now my workflow is,

    - export stereo panorama from Enscape

    - open in photoshop

    - select top part of image

    - save as left.jpg

    - select buttom part of image

    - save as right.jpg

    - stitch the two images together using

    - download image

    - upload image to dropbox

    - download image to iphone

    - import into carboard camera

    it would be amazing if i could export an google cardboard stereo image right from enscape!

    yes i know that we can view images online, but that's not an option - it's simply to complicated for customers - google cardboard app is so simple to use.

    we are often facing customers that are scared of technology, so viewing the fine vr images enscape creates for us, requires an very easy way of displaying those images.

    just my words / opinion.

    juse one more thing....... i simply can't figure out how to sort images in google cardboard camera, for iphone - so if you do, please let me know.


  • Hi RanktheTank I moved your question into this thread.

    Try opening this one here with your phone:

    Be sure to check our knowledgebase for more information for this and other topics:

  • Hi. Question regarding VR which may need to be posted to its own thread: can you customize the link address? Say if I wanted to upload to cloud but it was for a school project could someone type in a custom domain/link in order to pull the Pano/VR up?I ask as I've uploaded a VR to my personal site but it looses the stereo cardboard mode when I do that.

  • emsargeant Yeah you can insert the panorama in your website. Please refer to this guideline: which is linked at the bottom of our corresponding knowledgebase article

  • The settings for allowing Safari access to the iPhone's accelerometer has been removed from iOS 13. I cannot find it and now the panoramas don't spin as I move my phone. I can still drag my finger across the screen. This also disables Google Cardboard viewing as there is no way to navigate without it. Is anyone aware of if or where that setting has gone?

    Edited once, last by eeblack: Apparently, it was removed for privacy reasons because apps were abusing the information available. I believe it is now up to the developers and/or hosts of cloud-shared files to request access to the user's accelerometer which the user then has to approve. ().

  • Code
    Hello, I know I can show panoramas. The problem is that you can not allow a virtual tour through the mobile. Or is there a way?

    There's limited support to show web-standalones uploaded to the cloud from Enscape,

    If you mail yourself the weblink and open in a webbrowser that supports gyro on your phone.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy and it only works on Samsung s own internet browser.

    You can move forward and sideways like a joystick by pointing at the screen and moving your finger up/down left and right.

    There are menu items that block part of the view when you do this. The settings dont react to taps, but with some difficulty I managed to minimize the settings menu. I had to allow rotating the view to manage to minimize the menu in vertical mode.

    There is no support for this feature on tablets and phones. You can't control time of day and leave fly mode and some other obvious drawbacks. But it works to some extent.

    I'm here at his forum right now to suggest some improvements that could make web standalones actually work on simpler handheld devices.
    Just reading through previously answered posts first! :)


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    Thanks for all the further feedback. We're generally aware of the demand for a proper Web Standalone version for Enscape which can used on a smartphone, maybe even alongside using a controller externally for example. I'll add your votes to the topic!

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    +1 to allow mobile viewing in the live view (not just a static panorama)

    Your upvote has been forwarded of course, thank you!