Revit to Sketchup

  • And if you do manage to get the trial - export the model from inside a linked model rather than the main model and it will preserve your materials (assuming you're exporting to 3d dwg, which can be imported into Sketchup). Exporting from inside the main model means everything will come in white. It's a wierd quirk with Revit, and makes me think they're intentionally trying to discourage people from moving to Sketchup. There are other custom converter plugins out there such as the Kubity one that will attempt to turn your revit model into a sketchup model, but they mess with the geometry a lot trying to optimize things, so the results are pretty crude.

    (To export from a linked model - create a new blank project in revit and link your main model into it. Then open a 3d view with everything on you want and materials showing (also detail level set to fine), and export to 3d dwg. There will be a couple dwgs, one for the main model and one for the linked model. Depending on the size, it can take several minutes, or even over an hour, to import into sketchup, but the geometry will be clean and it will actually create groups/compoments for objects like doors and windows, though many of them are duplicates unfortunately)