Various wishlist items after my first week or so

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  • Really liking Enscape and am impressed how it just works straight out of the box. Definitely the best looking images I have made in the shortest time. Really awesome program. Do have a few nitpicky requests that shouldn't be too controversial:

    1) Add a field to the Customization tab in the Renderer Window Settings that allows us to change the default file name for screenshots. It seems like an unnecessary step to have to manually rename files to something useful before sending to clients. I'd also like to be able to suppress the date/time or set it manually. It would be nice to have some kind of resettable increment. So you could reset the increment to zero and then have the filename as Project Name - 001.png, then the next is automatically 002 etc. Also something I would find useful is a screenshot directly to clipboard button without making a file for pasting into chats. I end up using the windows snipping tool and it's just needless.

    2) Movement speed I find frustrating. The slowest/default WASD is too coarse for inside the smaller rooms of the boats that I design. I really like the way the movement speed in the Unreal Engine editor works, how you scroll the mouse wheel to throttle the movement speed so it is infinitely scalable. Really cuts down on finger gymnastics and allows for precise camera positioning in small spaces, but also allows you to cover large distances quickly outside.

    3) For Rhino users, SHIFT + RMB is a totally normal combo to pan the perspective window. If you forget to mentally change gears when moving across to Enscape, the time of day changes and the rest of your screenshots are inconsistent. There's no "undo" to put the sun back exactly where it was. I'd really like to see a different key combo for this or maybe like a hacky sun/sky lock that prevents accidental atmospheric system changes until you unlock it, or just allow full control key customization and then the problem goes away.

    4) If you are holding SHIFT for fast move, and looking around with LMB, (but not actually moving) and you accidentally hit the RMB also it causes a situation where you have to ALT-TAB out of Enscape to recover your cursor and close the Issue / BIM dialog.

    5) I'd really like a Field of View hotkey. Changing zoom is definitely something that is part of a photographer's immediate tool set. Shouldn't have to go into the settings to adjust zoom from one image to the next.

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