new rtx graphics cards vs older generation

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  • hi guys. I am in the process on upgrading my pc. I currently had a titan x 12gb in it with 16 gig of ram. Till now it has helped me a lot and never gave issues. I am interested to buy a rtx 3060 6gb card since that is all i can afford now. Now my question is as follows. the titan x is about 8 years old and in some scenes it uses up to 7 gig or vram. So getting a newer card with improved technology, will this 3060 run into trouble doing the same load. Again, processor is much faster and with faster pc memory aswell, will this still be apples to apples, or will newer cards work more efficiently therefore taking up less vram doing the same scene.

  • I'll say that the times I've watched VRAM usage on larger scenes, it does seem that the cards with more VRAM available will use more of it. Not sure why that would be but maybe Enscape has some awareness of how much can safely be loaded into VRAM and still have things work. That said there are also times when I've had scenes not run on an 8GB card that work on an 11GB card. Purely anecdotal observations; I've never tested it rigorously.

    The Titan is no slouch; a 3060 would probably be 20-25% improvement - noticeable but not really life-changing. I think it would be risky cutting your VRAM in half, and and considering you will probably be significantly overpaying for a 3060 in today's environment, I wouldn't see it as being worth the cost.

  • thanks, it was just an interesting concept for me. Having an old card forever just because it has 12 gb vram vs having a newer with improved technologies with less vram to be on par or a step up in a way. I know enscape did not get released yesterday and back then they offered less and worked fine with lower end cards. If that was apples to apples, using no engine assets like trees etc, it would be probably a good step up. Thank you for giving me feedback. Honestly id rather have a 8gb vram card if i could afford it to be safe, but I will just have to manage my scenes more properly, switching off what i dont see in my renders and if still having issues probably use less and post process if needed