editing material properties

  • Could someone please advise the correct way to edit materials in sketchup? I find that I have to select the paint bucket, sample a texture in model then open the enscape material editor icon. Is this the most efficient sequence?

    Many thanks


  • The Enscape material editor changes as you select textures in SU - so you don't need to close it: Keep it open while changing your materials. (I close it for screen real-estate when working with geometry and keep it open when colouring in)

    I tend to fill an area with a flat colour, re-name it, then use a texture image from my own local library, setting the w/h - all from within SU. I might also use the SU color picker to match something else in the model or an imported photo. I also scale and position the stray texture here and there.

    I only really open the En material editor in the final stages with enscape live to add bumps and reflection or tone down the image; most of the changes can only be seen within Enscape and with the SU material editor open it's a simple matter of selecting the pipette and the texture in the SU window.

    I have my own library of SU components that I have already set all the materials to have Enscape properties (so I don't need to change things like <grey 001> to <metal hob>) - I would recommend doing that too.