Changing the materials color in Enscape without changing it in the Revit model.

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  • I hope you can help. I have been assigned a task to change the color of building materials in Enscape. But it is important that it does not affect the Revit model.

    Is there a way to change the color of the Enscape rendering without changing the Revit model?

    If you have any links to videos on the subject, I would be very grateful if you could write them here..

  • Rick Marx

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  • Materials are changed in the design application which changes the result in Enscape. This is how Enscape works.

    If you need to changes the colors in an Enscape rendering without changing the materials in the design application you'll need to edit the rendering (Photoshop, etc).

  • Depends on the model display of your view. If your Revit view is Hidden Line, Shaded, or Consistent Colors then your materials will be represented by what is set in the graphics tab of the material editor. If you do not want your Revit shading colors to match the rendering, at the top of the graphics tab there is a tick box named "Use Render Appearance"; untick that then you can then set a color separate from the Appearance tab. Enscape will always read your materials from the Appearance tab regardless of what is set in the Graphics tab.

    If you are using the Realistic model view for your Revit representation, unfortunately, there is no easy way outside of some Photoshop magic, as Phil said.