Enscape for 3ds Max!!

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    Hello Enscape team,
    I would like to congratulate you for the great work you are doing with the engine, each version exceeds the previous one and that can be seen in the quality of the images,I would like to know if it is among your plans to develop Enscape for 3dsmax, the users of this software would love to have it there.
    I am pretty sure that you guys have this in the pending tasks, I would just like to know why do you not developed it for max yet.
    Cheers and keep up the great work!!
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    we already got some requests for 3DS Max. But the same is true for several other programs that some users wants to have an integration for.

    We have to select the programs that we want to integrate to very carefully. Because it is not just the initial development effort. Imagine: Every feature that we develop, we need to adapt to every single integration that we have. So it piles up our work massively with every integration. And therefore it needs to be really worth it.

    Right now we are focusing on architectural CADs. I know, 3DS is also used in architecture but definitely not the same way. So some of our features won't even make sense there.

    That is why we are currently not planning to integrate it. But it is still on our radar and is re-evaluated on a regular basis.