Revit Sections

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  • We are having issues with the rendering sections from Revit in Enscape.

    We have set up the section in Revit by drawing a section line and then creating a standard 3d view then using the view cube in the top right clicking on the face of the view cube and then select `orient to view`- section and then selecting the section we have set up. This then orientates the 3d view to the section line and also updates the section box to match the section. This seems to work a treat in Revit - see attached Image 1.

    This is probably a better explanation of how we set up the view:…ate-3d-sections-in-revit/

    The issue comes when we then render this view in Enscape - see attached image 2. As you will see when this renders it is pushing the rendered view high on the finished image.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Trav72

    I was not able to reproduce this issue.

    Is this only happening for you with a certain view, or in a specific project, or with every view created this way?

    Could you perhaps send in a feedback via the Enscape Feedback Button as well, perhaps we can find more information pointing at this issue.

    Please also add a link to this thread in the description.

  • We managed to get it sorted, there was something very odd going on in the Revit Model.

    Revit seemed to be getting a bit confused (unfortunately not that unusual for Revit), so the issue doesn't appear to have been with Enscape.

    But do appreciate you looking into this for us.