HTC Vive Loading Issues

  • Hello,

    Our office uses Enscape version 2.3 with HTC Vive for VR. Recently, we noticed that when the model is opened in Steam VR, the model will not load properly and flashes back and forth between the loading screen and disoriented flickers of the model, like it cannot load the space properly. When we export to VR from Revit, everything works great and the VR headset and base stations are functioning and synced. Frame rate shows as good and consistent. What could be causing this problem only for SketchUp?


  • Hey chilly_willy , welcome to our Forum! :) I'm sorry to hear about this issue. Could you please send us some Feedback using the [Feedback] button in the Enscape context menu? Also, please add your forum name, so we may connect the provided data to your post. This way, we should get all the information necessary to identify the cause of this issue.

    Feedback button in Revit: