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  • A main issue with the default timing on keyframing though is that loong distances ar soooo slow and small steps too fast. Unless you place keys on equal distances you will get wildly different speeds with small and big distances between keys requireing post editing of the time stamps.

    My experience with ENS is quite opposite. If I add keyframes without setting a time stamp ENS is doing very well with keeping constant speed.. Differences can be relative to Your position in model. When viewing from a far (everything seems slow) and from up close (all seems fast even though both speeds are same).. Use time stamps where You want to change the speed only..

  • The constant speed issue is a concern for me only in one specific but common case. If I only turn my viewpoint without moving my position, the time is excessively long compared to between other keyframes. I ALWAYS have to adjust the timestamps manually to make it work with the rest of my video - which then results in my having to chase through a bunch of other time stamps to make the whole video proportional. If there was a way to tweak the default time length for "turns in place" (even if it's hidden in some kind of sub-menu) I would be better able to make use of the default timestamps.

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    By far, the easiest and most useful update would be to NOT re-time the entire timeline every time I adjust the TIMESTAMP on ONE KEY FRAME....

    Please, just let us type in EACH KEYFRAMES timestamp INDEPENDENT of all other times... Fine to let us know we've leapfrogged the next key frame, but DON'T ADJUST everything else every time I set one frame.

    This simple feature I would like to use in ALL MY VIDEOS.... come up to an ENDING KEYFRAME and STAY THERE for 5 to 10 sec... .Right now this is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve as the path assume that I want a consistent speed between keyframes..

    And HURRY... I have a movie due at 5pm!

  • We just want more control over the video editor. I know the devs work hard to keep everything streamlined, but in this case, we could really use an "advanced" mode to edit the timeline. This automatic easing is really wrecking my ability to achieve continuity in my videos.

  • Just now, I made 3 videos for presentation using this v3. My first with v3. I feel the v2 has better controls. I'm amazed how fast it produced the videos but, fighting this editor and losing in the end is no fun at all.

    p.s. since it's about a master plan presentation, I made an intro video using Google Earth Studio. Now I know what to request.. please make the Enscape video editor at least as easy and flexible like that of GE Studio!

    Edited once, last by Xel: I added a reference to another program as sample how to a quickly accomplish a video editing task without pulling a lot of hair off my head. ().

  • This video editor is absurd. I set time stamps and they change. I set the total duration and it changes. Why wouldn't you create a lock feature on the time settings and something similar? Having the ability to nudge keyframes along the timeline in between a locked total duration? Seems like the most basic function for any video editor. I have no way of controlling the keyframes and the consistency of the video speed, therefore it has a mind of its own, and keyframe spacing is all over the place.

  • BILLDOZER If I had a dollar for every puzzling feature decision Enscape made I would be able to pay off my student loans. That's not to say Enscape isn't a super useful program, because it is. But some of the most basic feature decisions have been overlooked for years now.

  • I started using video editor from yesterday. And it was not logic to me with this timestamp/total duration shifting. I thought I don't know how to use the video editor properly. After watching a few tutorials and now I came back to this debate opened a few years ago in order to find out that the video editor is still not fixed properly !!! Pretty annoying :cursing::cursing::cursing: Please fix it !! The users are asking this from you !!!!

  • i have known enscape since it first existed, every development of this software and their communication has been amazing. 1 - 10 I give a value of 10. Had to switch programs but again tried to enscape. I know quite a bit about the development of Enscape, so far it's been great. Indeed there are some things that enscape is very slow. One of them is the problem with this video editor, lots of input from users including myself in several posts to be fixed immediately. Development of this video editor is very slow. Out there, there are even more cellphone applications that are good at processing videos. With lots of input from Enscape users, this problem should also be prioritized so that user experience is included in the development priority, our only input is to make Enscape better, not criticizing.

    I can only be patient and adapt to processing videos, although sometimes it's quite annoying, I didn't find any significant improvement in processing this video. I'm sure they hear the user. They must consider the urgency of input from users so that they also survive using enscape not only chasing new users. I myself will seriously provide input, provide constructive criticism, assess the roadmap that is being and will be worked on, I sent several emails to them regarding this matter. Demian Gutberlet Thank you for faithfully listening to our complaints.

  • Any chance you guys can hop on a plane over to Finland to get some pointers on how to implement a video editor? Its a little disappointing that a city building video game has a video creator that appears to have all the missing features that a software, who's one of three major features is to produce videos, doesn't have.

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  • Any chance you guys can hop on a plane over to Finland to get some pointers on how to implement a video editor? Its a little disappointing that a city building video game has a video creator that appears to have all the missing features that a software, who's one of three major features is to produce videos, doesn't have.

    Maybe Im going to switch to Cities: Skylines II for my renderings.