Reminder - We Need More Diverse People!

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  • I see there was a thread about this dating back to last June, but as it's a year later and it seems like there still hasn't been much progress, I would like to upvote the need for more diverse people in the Asset Library. Looking at the thread from last June, Enscape said they were adding more diverse people and at the time, the most recent update brought the number of people to choose from up to 304. It's been a year, and that number (version 3.0.1) is now 361, but it still seems like the proportion of white people to other ethnicities is something around 85% to 15% and that just isn't cutting it. Multiple clients have commented on the lack of diversity, especially when we work on projects where we know how the population skews, but we just aren't able to reflect that in our work. It's disheartening when working in Enscape and trying to keep diversity in mind when placing assets, that I know I'm using the same few people over and over again to show I'm hearing my clients (the options being a few black people and one person in a hijab), but still coming up short due to the boundaries of the software. Add to that the specificity of working in K-12 education, sports, or healthcare environments, and the number dwindles even further.

    I know the Asset Library is an awesome resource and I'm thankful it gets regularly updated, but I just want to reiterate the importance of this factor.

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    Thank you emilyleyl , for the Feedback. First off, you can be assured that we're aware that our Library isn't as diverse as we want it yet - sometimes (to quite often) though our hands are tied when it comes to specific people Assets we're actually importing from other manufactures after they went through optimisation procedures of course so that they run as well in Enscape as possible.

    If you have any specific wishes, let me know and I'll forward that too, otherwise, I'll simply forward your wish to have more diversity in our Library!

  • +1 please for more diverse people.

    Another option would be to have silhouettes / outlines for people. Is this something that Enscape has considered? Maybe having an option in the Enscape settings to show realistic or silhouettes / outlines for people without the need for specific assets?

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    Trav72 , I can't get too much into detail but we have something planned along those lines actually. Since nothing is set in stone yet I can't tell you more but I have also forwarded your upvote and feedback in general of course as always. I appreciate it!

  • Hopefully I speak for other users from Oceania/South Pacific/Australasia when I plead from some people representative of our part of the world. The fact there are seemingly zero Pacific races represented is a tough pill to swallow and something we get criticised for all the time.

    I understand your hands are tied by the efforts of those you source the models from... but perhaps a side word to them wouldn't go astray.

  • I think everyone right. Also there are animal missing.

    But i think the big question is..........

    Why can't you make a more easy way for us to make assets. Or another way to implement a reference file.

    Because with your parallelepiped it's very difficult to place in the scene. At least for sketchup

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    Thank you arqcova , eliotbnz and goncalo.t3 your Feedback has been forwarded.

    Also, could you perhaps define in a bit more detail what you mean by "difficult to place in the scene"? The Custom assets should be as easily placed as our own published Assets, so if you could tell me more about that then that would be great.

    Finally, any specific animals you're wishing for?

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    +1 for more diverse people!

    Could you go into detail a bit further about what exactly you're looking for? I'll forward everything accordingly then, thanks!

  • We wholeheartedly agree with emilyleyl regarding the need for more diverse entourage. In 2021 it is upsetting to go through the entourage catalogue and see such a lack of diversity. It is hard for us to represent the work we want to represent with this lack of diversity. It is not possible to present designs to clients and show an almost entirely white washed scene and feel comfortable with it. There is a need to consider different types of diversity as well. Not only is there a serious lack of BIPOC but we have gone through the entire catalogue several times and are unable to find entourage representing people with different body types, abilities, and representations of people other than overwhelmingly able bodied white representation.

    We genuinely appreciate this forum to express the future needs that we have for this platform, but we also need to state the immediate need for more diverse entourage. Love the product in general, but you need to know that this is impacting business decisions for us in a very real way. We hesitate to continue using this rendering engine because of this lack of diversity. We are Philadelphia based and any project we represent in Philadelphia which is a major metropolitan city of 1.6 million people, needs to accurately represent the demographics here, which are 44.1 percent black, 35.8 percent white, 13.6 percent Latino and 7.2 percent Asian.

    Thanks again for taking this seriously.

  • Could you go into detail a bit further about what exactly you're looking for? I'll forward everything accordingly then, thanks!

    What everyone else has said.

    How are 90%+ of the humanoid assets white? It's frankly embarrassing to use Enscape and be working in neighborhoods that are majority Black and I am literally struggling to find people who represent the folks I am designing for. Enscape is great, but this issue is making me very strongly considering to use other rendering software.

    Even the bicyclists -- all the cyclists are men, except for one woman who is not even biking, she is STANDING, holding a bike.

    This is an immediate need, I think you all can go an update without a new chair or plant or jet ski, but to almost solely have thin white people is ridiculous and like....just not reality.

  • I face the same problem, I miss other options such as Asians, Indians, Blacks and Muslims, for example.

    I often try to find blocks in the Sketchup library and sometimes I even try to edit some features, but the quality is not the same comparing to Enscape blocks.

    I feel sad making images for Asia or Middle East with only white people.
    You guys did an amazing job with the software, it is easy and great, but I feel it is time to make it more inclusive too.

  • ... also from me again - we need disabled persons!!
    especially wheelchair users in addition with asset-people (! as independent assets !) who push wheelchairs. Such visual impressions are so important in order to transmit handicapped accessible planning to the clients in a clear and unambiguous way.

  • +1 from me as well, in particular I've received requests for people in wheelchairs several times I've either gone the photoshop route or like EGIE's post above - combined a sitting person with the wheelchair asset which can work, but doesn't always especially since so many 3d people have their legs crossed or spread in a way that doesn't fit a wheelchair.

    Also, just to add one more layer, I was asked to include a student in a wheelchair for a school library project. I was able to use photoshop, but if Enscape does do an 'accessibility asset update' a comprehensive set would go a long way.

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    I appreciate the input maxm , and have forwarded this through your voice of course!

  • Thank you for the diversity boost in the most recent update and the conceptual people.

    Please add more women in pants and factory-safe attire to both the concept (grey) collection and the detail assets.

    Please also add adults and children with disabilities to the concept (grey) asset collection

    Factory safe attire is: flat, closed-toe shoes, pants (or pencil skirts)