Could Not Load Proxy - error message

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  • I'm noticing that after creating a SketchUp file that I intend on inserting as a proxy, I get an error message when I go into my main file and try and import that newly created object as a proxy.

    Even after closing the new SketchUp file that I just created, I still get the error.

    I have to completely close my main SketchUp file, then restart. The insert works fine at that point.

    Running 3.0.2

  • Update: This problem is actually occurring at random times - not just loading a previously created SketchUp file/proxy. Seems to be when I do some intensive work in the main file, then go to try and load a new proxy? Hmm.

  • I Can not really understand What do You mean.. It sounds like You are saving some component in the model to another file and edit it separately. But You call it proxy.. Importing files is not proxy.. Proxy is some simpler geometry object that keeps transformations of original component but allows to use less memory..
    I have sometimes issues with editing some geometry and than it being not updated.. especially glued components.. not grouped geometry..
    I noticed deleting geometry which makes problems and then undo it helps in most cases.. but bigger files make bigger problems that's true.. Changing scene usually refreshes things nicely..

  • Importing files absolutely creates a proxy when you use the Linked Model button in Enscape.

    There are two ways that proxies exist in SketchUp files using Enscape:

    1. Select the object (group/component), right click, and select 'save as external model'. That object is now a proxy.

    2. Use the Linked Model button in Enscape to insert an external SketchUp file into the scene. That external file is now a proxy.

    The second method is causing the error at certain times.

  • You do know that You have started this thread in Sketchup part of Forum? I can sort of understand what You mean but it doesn't sound like the same sKetchup with the same ENS as mine..

    1. In sKetchup You can "Save as..." (its not called an external model) only Components.. I never heard anybody calling it a proxy till now..

    2. "Linked Model button in Enscape" ??? Do You mean Asset Library? creating Your own assets? I don't know where is that button..

  • Hi landrvr1

    I was not able to reproduce this issue.

    Could you send me a feedback report including the log files again with a link to this thread in the description.

    Please address it to me so I can pick this up.

  • Hey Rick, that's going to be an enormous challenge and just not possible because at this point I have dozens upon dozens of proxy files referenced into my main project. However, I made an interesting discovery which may be of help (or not, lol).

    First, a recap:

    This error seems to happen after I've been doing work in other instances of SketchUp that I have open, or perhaps if I've been doing heavy FBX importing or work in my main SketchUp file. When I close the file and restart, I can once again import proxy objects into the scene without issue.

    Today, however, I discovered that IT'S ONLY SKETCHUP 2021 FILES that will give me the error. When I import something that was saved ages ago with a previous version, it comes in just fine. Even when I save a 2021 file as 2020, I can bring that in without an error.

    So.... I'm not sure what this really tells us but at least it's some new info.

  • Hi landrvr1

    Great to hear you discovered that already.

    I did not mean for you to share the project with me, just your log files so I can forward this data to our developers as well so they have more insight in the issue.

  • Okay, new development/discovery:

    I previously thought that I had to have the Enscape render window running in order to get the error but that's not the case. It just happened without the render window being open...

    Seems at this point this should be pretty easy error to replicate. Any info, Rick?

    • Official Post

    Rick, didn't I follow-up? Dang, sorry about that. Thought I sent the logs.

    Well, the problem seemed to have resolved least, I haven't seen it crop up in a long time.

    I'm glad to hear this has indeed been resolved and as usual, if this ever occurs again just let us know, please.