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    Hey gautier , sorry, this functionality is not available yet, but I'll happily file it as a feature request. ;) Would you please let me know, what would be your use case scenario for animated gifs as textures?

  • Hi, thanks, I think mainly for video display within a scene, giving it a bit of extra life, but could also imagine some other things : signage, even a sort of RPC / person being slightly animated, birds passing by, trees animated in far background etc... actually a tone of stuff could be "faked" and would give a bit of feel inside an architectural project without going into the full on animated objects.

    Actually tried to add an RPC inside a video, but it didn't render.. I will check that again


  • great idea... but as a revit user - nothing to expect from enscape since materials and textures are strictly driven by revit itself... but I see a great usage of this as well (animated gif or even beter video file as a texture in order to create animated panels, billboards, commercials , tv screens, etc. in your video/ exe files)

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    Hey gautier and some1new ," animated textures/materials" is a feature request which is already on our agenda which just received a further two upvotes. gautier, regarding the RPC animation, a further vote has been added to the existing "animation" request as well.

    Also, "Actually tried to add an RPC inside a video, but it didn't render.. I will check that again" - have you made sure that your ArchVision dashboard is active and you've logged yourself in prior to Revit being started? If you don't have the ArchiVision dashboard installed at all, then the content at hand should not be available because it hasn't been downloaded yet. Please make sure to install the dashboard, log yourself in, download the corresponding content and try to reproduce this behaviour. :)

  • Hi Demian,

    thanks, that's great for the request!

    I thought this was a Rhino thread :), I am using Rhino, I have just tried the RPC with a "handmade" rpc model, it showed in the classic Rhino render but not in enscape but don't worry about that.

    I am aware that it's almost a Rhino problem for the gif texture, but just thought if there was way around by allowing any gif texture to "play"... but I am not a developer !

    Anyway great work again on the plugin, have changed radically the way I work!


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    Hi everyone, the animated textures is a great idea..!.. it may be really useful to animate fire in a chimney, Tv, Led displays, etc.. there are tons of uses.

    Thanks for the feedback and welcome to our forum! :) I've added a further upvote through your voice to the feature request on our agenda.