assets out of scale

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  • hi, I have followed the solutions on previous post and we are having assets scale problems today.

    This is happening with the pampas grass asset, file was working fine yesterday.

    this is a big issue as file was set up for renders on presentation we have due tomorrow, and having to deal with asset scale issues like this makes us loose confidence in using enscape.

    this shouldn't be happening, or at least we should have a way to go back to how things were 24 hours before from our side.

  • Thank you for reporting and confirming this issue safoga  rifkin !

    I've fixed the affected Asset. Please run through the solution provided in the original thread again. This will redownload the Asset.

    We're looking into in why this happened.

  • Is there any other place this could be cached?

    It is showing up ~8' tall in the Sketchup window, but still giant in Enscape.

    (When I tried earlier I believe it was "giant" in both Sketchup and Enscape.

    The %Temp%\Enscape folder has been cleared, the timestamps indicate the asset has been re-downloaded.

  • Thanks for the fix.

    Any ideas about how/why this happened again? I feel like we need a file with all 2500 assets placed, and to check them periodically to see if any are scaled wrong. And to keep a backup library off offline assets that we can use in case of future issues.

  • is there a way to keep a "frozen" library offline as a user?

    I understand that the enscape team is always evolving the library, but it scares us as a company to see how vulnerable we are to any of these updates that creates errors. I appreciate how fast Adrian responded on this thread, but unfortunately that was not fast enough for our deadline, and we had to improvise in order to replace these assets, but if this would have happened with other assets that are used more often or assets we all have gotten use to see and that are already embedded on previous iterations, just makes the whole process of working with enscape a bit uneasy.

    I understand things will break as the product is developed, but it will be good for us as users to have a fail safe for these cases. must softwares we can always go to the previous version, if we could do something similar with the library, or just give us an option of when to updated it.

    I might be missing something in the way this work on the backend, but as a user it is a problem for us.

  • is there a way to keep a "frozen" library offline as a user?

    Choose the "offline asset" option, let them download. Make a copy of this to another location for backup if you want. If there is a problem in the future with improperly scaled assets, you can choose "offline" again and point it to that folder.

    I did exactly that when testing the grass - I had another PC that had the offline assets, downloaded a couple months ago. Verified I could copy that to another PC (that was having the scaling issue) - when I pointed Enscape to the offline folder the scaling issue was gone.

    Given how much faster it is to browse the offline assets, I don't really see much reason to use the online ones, except to check for updates every few months.

  • For context we have been working with the plugin for Rhino 7.

    I've been noticing this issue with a number of different assets.

    This seems to happen when Enscape assets get copied into a project from different sessions of Rhino.

    We thought maybe this might be caused by the the separate sessions of Rhino being in different units, thus potentially creating a scale issue. Unfortunately this is not the case and both of our source and destination files are both using the same units.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi ddaniel187

    I was not able to reproduce this issue in our latest release.

    Can you verify if this is happening in our latest release of 3.1.

    Additionally, could you tell me if you are using our Offline Asset library perhaps?

    Are you able to reliably reproduce this issue?

    If so, could you perhaps tell me step by step how this can be done?