stream Enscape into Quest2 with laptop

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  • Hi, I bought Quest2 before, and want to stream Enscape into Quest2 with my laptop.

    I read the Enscape's page of "Virtual Reality Headset" and follow the process to finish my setting.

    but when I start Oculus, the software saying: Your system's graphics card is incompatible with Rift system software, and my Quest2 can't work with Oculus.

    I even try Air Link, but it's still have some problem to stream Enscape into Quest2.

    I try to search how to solve the problem, unfortunately, lot of user they are with the same problem.

    My laptop is Windows system, with NVIDEA Geforce GTX 1050Ti graphics, and run Enscape with Sketch up.

    I want to know is there have any other way to stream Enscape into the Oculus Quest 2 via the link cable and without Oculus software?

    I really want to present my project to my clients with Enscape in the future.

    I searched lot of page but still can't find the solution, hoping can get any feedback in here, thanks a lot.

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    japheth2711 , as mentioned by Dan above, your GPU would be too weak for VR purposes - we strongly advise going for at least an RTX 2060. You can see the other supported GPU's on the Oculus website listed by Dan as well, but they aren't really that great/powerful for VR so anything beyond 2060 should provide you with just a better experience overall. Especially since a high and stable framerate is oh so more important for a nausea-free experience, we recommend a rather powerful GPU, for the long term future as well.

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    japheth2711 , if you ever decide to upgrade it will be worth it. :) VR really is something to be experienced yourself.